Top Game Casino Software

With so many software providers in the online casino industry, players may not be overly familiar with Top Game. However, this software company is well respected and has a great reputation in the industry. Known for providing players with 3D casino games, Top Game is a leading provider, offering more than 100 amazing casino games.

Top Game software was first launched in 2007, making this company one of the newest to enter the online gambling arena. The company experienced immediate success and soon became known as the software with the fastest download times. In just 20 seconds, players will be able to download a complete game and enjoy the high quality graphics and sounds. The reason the software downloads so fast is because many of the slots and table games will download in the background. This allows players to play the game while the download is completing.

Even though Top Game only offers around 100 casino games, the slots that are available are outstanding. With more than 20 unique video slots and 30 traditional slots, players will find they have quite a selection. Since so many players still enjoy the simplicity of a traditional slot game. Top Game caters to these players by offering a nice selection as well as constantly working on new releases to the slot line-up. There are also varieties of Blackjack, including Multi-hand Blackjack and Royale Blackjack, in addition to various forms of Roulette. Top Game supports many variations of video poker and offers Keno and Baccarat games.

At this time, there are only 12 online casinos that are powered by Top Game. Despite this low number, players have heard the name and know that this software company is providing an exceptional gambling experience to players worldwide. The company places much focus on providing a safe and secure environment for pall players and uses encryption software to protect all transactions. These online casinos also use a unique system to validate all transactions so that players are protected from fraud.

Since Top Game does have the fastest download speeds, many players have been turning their attention to these online casinos. In addition, the company offers spectacular games that are sure to please all players. With great graphics, a well rounded selection and some impressive payouts, Top Game casinos continue to grow in popularity and attract new players on a regular basis.