Cryptologic Casino Software

Cryptologic software is a well known name in the casino industry. These online casinos offer the most original interfaces and a huge selection of casino games. Known for being safe and secure, Cryptologic casinos remain a top choice for many players from around the world. Those looking for an amazing gambling experience should consider playing at a Cryptologic casino.

Cryptologic is a Canadian based company that develops downloadable casino software. The company was first founded in 1995. In 1996, the company began operating its first online casino and was the very first casino software provider to offer multi-player casino games. The software was originally designed to be used by financial institutions looking for digital encryption solutions. With a huge success in this market, the company turned its attention to the development of casino games and has never looked back.

Cryptologic casinos are currently available in more than 240 countries around the world and support a large assortment of languages and currencies, allowing players to enjoy intense gambling action no matter where they are located. This casino software is known to be among the safest available and prides itself on the levels of player protection that are offered in their online casinos.

Cryptologic is a publically traded company that is listed on the NASDAQ and London Stock Exchange. Players will be sure they are dealing with a financially sound company when they enter any casino that is powered by this software.

Aside from player safety and security, Cryptologic takes much pride in offering exceptional games. While the game title list does not compare to what is offered by Microgaming, each game is crafted with the very best sounds and graphics, ensuring that all players have a remarkable experience. With amazing slot games, realistic table games and a variety of video poker games, Cryptologic is a top choice for many players.

The thing that attracts many players to Cryptologic casinos are the Marvel slots. These themed games feature some of the most famous comic book heroes and villains of all time. With some great slot action on these videos lot games, players have been enjoying the payouts, familiar themes and bonus rounds since the first Marvel machine was introduced in 2005. The poker tournaments and multi-player games are also a highlight at these online casinos.